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A few shots of koalois' and my shoot yesterday at Glass City Con!  kontheheartless has such an eye for good shots, and it was so much fun getting to bum around with my (other) sister all day! <3


Glass city con photos part 1. Ok so I know that the aoba and levi in the seventh photo is porphyrogenite um the awesome awesome person I took a photo with in the sixth photo is amyntheoutcast and the awesome girl in the hawk girl cosplay was backofbeyondcosplay the rest idk. Tag yourself and others! (May have posted this once by accident)

Lovely meeting you!!


Glass City Con 2014 cosplays: part 2

Volleyball cuties are Veriedian and Sora—iro!

Belated announcement, I will be attending Glass City Con in Toledo, Ohio, this weekend! It’s my first time at this particular convention, and it’s gonna be pretty intense. 

I will be Illusen on Saturday, and either some version of Eren or Lan Fan on Sunday- though honestly any of this could change at the drop of a hat, since I won’t be reunited with any of these particular costumes until the day before the con and I’m not sure how much maintenance they may need since they were last worn. ^^;  Hopefully none, but who knows!

If any of my followers will be in attendance, please let me know what you’ll be wearing! :D  I’ll keep an eye out!